Denne siden er på engelsk.

If we only would tell you one thing about our self, it would be that we are a couple who have always worked hard to follow our dreams.

Beside being keen to spend time with our three sons  Jørns passion is walking in the mountains hunting. Kari are fond of spending time with friends, doing creative things like webdesigns…and she LOVE to do networmarketing.

We spend as much time as possible in our homes in Norway, Turkey and Sweden.

We have always been a great team and have a past as competetive ballroom dancers at the national  team both amateurs and professionals. This taught us early set goals and work to achieve them. We have been fortunate to be able to do our hobby to work and have run Kari & Jørns Danseloft for 30 years.

July 1, 2011, the DanceStudio and the school was sold to Marianne Wallin Saksæther who now runs the school successfully.

We have built up a foundation in a new business that has given us more freedom. This started when Kari was introduced for a direct sale company of a colleague. She was curious and wanted to learn more. Now we are both involved in a fantastic fun business where we can really achieve what we want most.  Financial and time freedom.

Kari & Jørn Dalen


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