Jørn Dalen


   BIO – Jørn Dalen

Jørn’s key strength is his incredible work capacity and ability to focus on set objectives.

Whatever it is, large or small, if the goal is important to him, he is simply unstoppable.

Ever since his teenage years he has shown an incredible ability and willingness to self-motivate and pushhimself through any challenge.

Together with his wife Kari, Jørn was a competitive dancer at national level for many years.

Together they founded one of the first and largest dance studios in Norway,- Kari & Jørn’s Danseloft where he was general manager and head of business development for 30 years.

For many years he served as Vice President of the Norwegian Dance Federation where he was an importantimpetus for the development of the sport.

Jørn possess strong organisational abilities and is a very strong leader.

During his tenure in dance sport, he was responsible for organising various championships ranging from small competitions to major international championships such as European and World Championships.

Everything arranged with the same professionalism and precision – this is his trademark.

Although Jørn is a strong and fearless leader, he is still warm and insightful.

After he and his wife Kari sold their dance school Jørn devoted a lot of time restoring their latest project, a large Swedish farm from 1850.

He is also a wonderful father figure to his 3 adult sons whom he has contact with daily.

In his free time Jørn is a committed hunter and hiker. Hunting and dog sport is his passion.

Jørn is practical, resourceful and welcome challenges.

An inspirational speaker and an incredible mentor who will hold you accountable for your own goals and dreams.


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