Kari Dalen

twitterprofile BIO – Kari Dalen

 If one thing is to be said about Kari, it would be that she always has been going for her dreams.

 From the time when she was a little girl her desires has been her driving force and pointed out  her directions.

 In her young ageless it was one, and only one thing she wanted to accomplish and it was to be a hairdresser. At the age of 19 she was graduated hairdresser.

 She has also had a passion for dancing and when she was 13 she was presented for a young boy  to be her partner in ballroom dancing.

They first become successful dancing partners and at the age of 16 they also become partners outside the dance floor.

This partnership led them to the National team where they competed around the world as amateurs and professionals for several years.

After some time their interest for teaching led them to Fredrikstad and 4 young kids in a classroom .

This become the start of one of the largest Dance Studios in Norway , Kari & Jørns Danseloft with 30 teachers and thousands of pupils during a 30 year periode.

For Kari the passion for dancing and teaching gave her the joy of working with some of Norways best juvenile, junior and youth dancers.

When the shopping centers and retailers wanted their dancers for fashion shows.   Kari quickly grabbed the opportunity and she founded Face modells in 1996 .

The agency provided models for commercial and fashion industry and was sold to one of Karis employees in 2000. In 2014 the agency was resold again, and today it is a pleasure to see how it continiues to grow and develop.

Her working life has been a fantastic journey with 2 hair/beauty parlours , Danseloftet (the dancestudio) and the modlagency. She has been self employed since her early 20.

During all of this she has also given birth to 3 healthy sons, and are still married to her partner during 40 + years.

As the time has past and new trends have arrived Kari has evolved with them.

In 2007 she was examined as NLP Practitioner and in 2012 NLP Master Practitioner.

Kari has a passion for working with people who seeks to reach their goals both personal and bussinesswise. And she enjoys the daily work as a partner and bussinesscoach.

Kari is en sought mentor, coach and public speaker with an extreme passion for Humanitarian Entrepreneurship and the Social Business Model.

Her vision is to inspire and impact thousands of people around the world to reach their fullest potential and wildest dreams.


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